about hanna.



Welcome to The Rebel Healer™!  I’m so fucking glad you’re here!  If you’re like most of us nosey fuckers on the web, you might be just a wee bit curious about who the hell I am.

My name is Hanna Proctor and I am the mouthy, four-foot NOTHIN’, mama of two, rebel behind this brand.  Here’s how I came to be…

In a nutshell…

My life and journey to becoming The Rebel Healer began the moment I started to ‘wake up’.  I decided to get sober a few years ago and a byproduct of that was one hell of an awakening.  Once the haze of addiction began to lift, it was like I could finally SEE. That led me down a journey of leaving a job I hated, losing relationships, finding my purpose, realizing how fucked up I really was, and also realizing how perfect I truly am.  

I know, it’s a mindfuck.  But it’s a beautiful one. I started on this journey a broken soul that felt the pull of something greater but had no clue as to what that pull was.  I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my higher power that I now refer to as Spirit (feminine and masculine). All I knew is that I had to follow the call!  

After many youtube videos, books, and a few coaches, I’ve cracked the code to life – a code that seemingly never ends.

But before that…

I grew up in a small town, saw a lot of fucked up shit that kids should never have to see, and learned that I was a victim to life.  I learned that I had no choice in the matter. I learned that settling was the only way to go through life. That all ya have to do is make just enough money, be sort of happy, marry someone that’s loyal and can support you or that knocked you up (doesn’t matter if you really love them or not), get a decent job, and come home to watch TV every fucking night.  Dream life…right?!

I also learned that being stressed was normal.  

Being angry was normal. Being happy all the time was fucking weird.  

Being different was only okay if you didn’t let people see.

I also learned that you only had a voice if people decided you did.  Otherwise, shut up.

This was my mantra: “Hope for the best but EXPECT the worst.”

My flaws and fuck-ups defined me.  I had accepted that I’d probably always fuck up every good thing that ever entered my life and end up a sad, lonely alcoholic with a bunch of cats.

And then I woke the fuck up and realized that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.  So, I chose it. Over and over and over again. I worked my sweet little ass off until I found that I could be happy, even in a less than desirable situation.  

I decided to stop taking my life for granted and took my power back.  Now, I’m here to show you how I did it and how I will continue to do it until my last breath.  

You can have the life of your dreams but you’re gonna have to clean up the mess that’s holding your heart and soul hostage.  The life of your dreams begins when you can be happy and grateful right where you are.

Oh and my new mantra:  “Fuck that.”

I live my life unapologetically and love myself more than I ever have (and this is only the beginning).  I believe in constantly transforming and becoming the next level version of yourself…the next, best you. I believe in creating a magical life and living for yourself.  I believe that love will save the world (one fucking day). I believe that anything is possible.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.  Now, tell me your story.  Let’s chat and see how I can help you reclaim your power, heal from your conditioning, and create the life of your dreams.  

All ya have to do is contact me via messenger on Facebook and we can book a discovery call OR you can shoot me an e-mail OR message me on Insta.  The ways to reach me are endless, Rebel, so take your pick.  😉