8 Mindset Shifts to Help You Manifest

The most important thing you can believe in to help you manifest is in yourself and your desires.  But sometimes that can be challenging. There are other foundational beliefs or mindsets that can lead you to that state of true belief.  Because the reality is this: If you don’t believe that you can have it or that you’re worthy of it, you won’t receive it. Those doubts will be louder than the belief.  

This is where most of us begin our journey back to ourselves.  It’s perfectly normal, so don’t beat yourself up or feel like this manifesting thing isn’t meant for you.  The truth is, we are constantly manifesting. The goal is to do it intentionally so you can finally start bringing in what you WANT.  Sounds good, right?!

I’ve made a list of the main mindset shifts that I’ve adopted that have taken me from a hopeless doubter to a true believer.  And let me tell you, once these truths finally CLICK, you’ll feel it. The changes can start to happen quickly! For me personally, everything clicked into place (mentally) within a few days of each other, maybe a week.  Since then, I’ve felt so different energetically. I intuitively know that I’m feeling the beginning of my manifestations taking physical form. I’m feeling it within my energetic body. That’s how it starts! Plus, I’ve been manifesting things here and there that have been helping me to believe more than ever like $300 here, a course idea there, my body changing, and more!

A few to keep in mind:

  • Approach them from a place of alignment.  If you find yourself normally in a state of stress, urgency, impatience, frustration, doubt, this can be tough.  I recommend performing a quick Chakra alignment meditation (this helped me LIKE WOAH). In fact, when I started meditating on my Chakras, that’s when the first belief listed below took root.  You can find a Chakra alignment or attunement meditation on meditation apps (I use InsightTimer) or youtube.

  • You will FEEL when the belief takes root.  You’ll just feel like ‘this is true’. It’s hard to explain but it’s a feeling that has guided me through my entire healing journey.  I believe it to be my soul or intuition giving me validation when I’m on the right path. Don’t ignore this or discredit this. Trust yourself!

  • Awareness is key in everything.  If you’re truly ready to make big change and manifest the life of your dreams, you have to start bringing awareness into your life.  This can be done with a few minutes of meditation or mindful breathing or just taking note of your surroundings instead of chasing rabbit holes in your mind.  It feels way better too! Since focusing on awareness, I find myself almost in a constant state of happy.

8 Mindset shifts to help you manifest.png

8 Mindset Shifts to Help You Manifest:

Everything is already perfect.

This belief set me free.  Try it on for size. Depending on where you are in your journey, this could be difficult to hold onto but if you keep on, it will begin to feel true.  This belief comes from the powerful realization that your soul knows exactly what it needs to grow and expand. Where you are in life may not be exactly where you want to be but it’s where you need to be.  This could be you realizing that there’s more that you could be doing or maybe that you’ve been doing everything within your power. Maybe it could be you seeing the lesson hidden within the destruction. Maybe it could be a tragedy that is forcing you to slow down and be present with life.  Either way, it’s already perfect. I can promise you that by adopting this mindset, this belief, you will absolutely feel more free.

Freedom, flow, grace...these are all needed to manifest the life of your dreams.  If you’re so consumed by what you don’t want, you’ll never manifest what you do want because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

What I want, wants me.

That dream career, that lover that only seems to exist in your dreams, that body that you’ve always wanted...it all wants you too.  Think of your desires as reminder notifications from your soul. It’s reminding you of who you’re meant to be. When you start to lean into this, it helps you build trust with yourself and the Universe.  You’ll be rewarded then with MORE trust, MORE ability. It’s sort of like the domino effect.

There’s more than enough to go around.

This is absolutely essential when manifesting money.  When you don’t believe this, you’re believing in LACK.  Remember, like attracts like so if you can’t SEE that there is more than enough in the world, then you’ll only receive more evidence of that.  Start surrounding yourself with others that have what you want. Instead of feeling jealous, feel grateful because the Universe is showing you what’s possible.

If you have a desire to do it, then it’s possible for you.

We live in a world of limitless potential.  Remember that time we put human beings on the moon?  Or when we learned to fly? You think they didn’t fail?  You think they didn’t have doubts or people telling them it wasn’t possible?  Now look at us! Even as I write this, I can feel the magic of empowerment revving up inside of me because it’s so fucking true.  You have that desire because it’s meant for you. If it’s meant for you, it’s not impossible. There is a way, a solution, and all you have to do is be open to it.  So get into alignment and watch the ideas roll in or the resources suddenly appear or the money fall into place. For example: There was a course that I wanted to take but I didn’t have $777 to pay for it.  I couldn’t get a loan because I didn’t have a job. So I told the Universe, if this is meant for me, show me. Next thing I knew I was texting someone about the money and that amazing person, without hesitation, said yes when do you need it?  You guys, that’s how this shit works. It doesn’t have to be a magic poof of money (although it felt like it) because this normally wouldn’t have been possible. And to ask someone for that much money and them to just be like, YEAH, is crazy! That kind of shit just didn’t happen to me.  But this course was meant for me and it was a resource I needed to help take me to the next level so it worked out.

I don’t have to feel or think anything that I don’t want to.

This one is so amazing and empowering.  Everything is energy, folks. Our physical reality is a slower moving vibration or energy but our thoughts and emotions, that shit is fast moving (and the first step in manifesting)!  I’ve spent my entire life being controlled by my emotions and thoughts and feeling like a victim of myself. But that’s not true. We can change that energy in seconds! It’s about a decision made with conviction.  If you aren’t ready to shift out of that thought or feeling, then you won’t. But if you truly want to feel good or think something better than those addictive, negative emotions, you can. Just choose. I’ve been putting this into practice and it works.  The world could be burning down around us and instead of panicking like everyone else, you can choose to feel grateful that you’re not on fire yet. (Lol…)

Surrender will lead me to who I’m meant to be.

When you start to surrender who you’ve been and step into the energy of who you’re meant to be, you’ll feel so empowered and happy.  Even if that surrender can look painful on the surface, like starting an exercise routine or changing your diet, you’ll feel something deep within that says YESSS.

I already am.

Everything you want to be is already inside of you.  When this one finally broke through to me, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I was in this cycle of seeking that higher version of myself. I thought to myself, ‘eventually I’ll have this or that and I’ll then be able to live as her.’  Boy was I so far off! I had a chat with my higher self during that time and she let me have it.  She all but screamed at me that I already was her! She said that all I needed to do was uncover that part of myself.  It’s buried under doubt, lies, and fear. That’s when she started to flow through me.

I’m not responsible for anyone else’s happiness or comfort.

This one can come off a little rough to some and when you start to adopt this, you will piss someone off.  We’ve been conditioned to believe that we should live based on the comfort of those around us or that we should limit who we are because it may not be ‘appropriate’ or ‘right’.  For example, a friend of mine lies about their lifestyle to a third party because that third party knows someone that knows my friend’s family & that person may not approve of my friend’s lifestyle.  A completely irrelevant person has control over how my friend acts when around them because it could make some fucking other irrelevant person uncomfortable. That fucks with me. That makes me urgghhhhh!  But free will and all. The point is, that is a powerless feeling. To manifest the life of your dreams (YOUR being the key word), authenticity and truth are vital!  Unless the life of your dreams is to live in the shadow of everyone else’s comfort zones, then by all means!  But if not, set yourself free and say FUCK THAT.

There you have it.  Live life as a rebel and choose to believe and think differently.  By adopting these mindset shifts, you’ll raise your vibration and start to bring in the life of your dreams.  Be patient with yourself though, you’re likely cleaning up a shit ton of conditioned beliefs. Just keep shifting.

With love,

Hanna - The Rebel Healer