The FIRST STEP in reclaiming your Personal Power

The first step to reclaiming your personal power. Read about it on

We all know that feeling of powerlessness, right?  That feeling where you think life is happening TO you and not BECAUSE of you.  That feeling where life just hands you shit bucket after shit bucket and you’re sitting there like, “what the fuck did I do to deserve this??”  I’ve been there most of my life, so I get it.  But I want to set you free today, my friend. There was a hard lesson I had to learn that ultimately became the most important lesson - and that was just how much personal power I actually have over my life.

We’re taught by so many of the people before us that life happens to you and that’s that.  But it’s just not true.   I know that without a shadow of a doubt because I’ve spent the past year+ testing that theory.  I’ve been cleaning up my internal messes, changing my perspective, healing my relationship with myself, and so much more.  What I’ve discovered is that we DO, in fact, attract our reality and circumstances.  This can be because our souls need something that the situation, person, or tragedy can teach us OR because the Universe is simply bringing us what it senses we’re asking for.

How does the Universe know what to send us?  Our energy, habits, and mindset.  Like attracts like.  If you are constantly stressed, unhappy, ungrateful, you’re going to get a whole lot more reasons to feel that way.  

It’s rather sweet, if you think about it.  The Universe is seriously answering our every need.  It’s not responsible for WHAT we’re focusing on all the damn time...that’s our job.  Anyway, I want to discuss the FIRST STEP in reclaiming your personal power.  

If you are ready to feel better everyday, stop feeling like a victim to life, and start attracting to you what you REALLY want instead of the same shit over and over again - then the Universe sensed that and brought you to this article.

The FIRST STEP to reclaiming your personal power is to take responsibility for your entire life.

Picked on in school?  Take responsibility for it.

Cheated on by your husband/wife?  Take responsibility for it.

Got t-boned by a texting driver?  (Hopefully you’re okay…) Take responsibility for it.

That can be a tough pill to swallow...I know.  But it’s a necessary one. Now, don’t allow the idea that you are literally responsible for everyone else’s actions trick you here.  You’re not. But something within you called these situations or these people in.  

You want to approach this with the perspective of a student to life.  When you start taking responsibility for the things that happen to you, you’re able to transmute that energy from negative to positive.  I’ll give you an example.

When I was in middle school, I had a best friend.  She was my number one! As she started to make new friends, I was pushed out of the group.  Her other friends teased me and bullied me. Eventually, I would go to school only to discover that I no longer had any friends.  Then, the next day, they would be my friends again. I allowed these girls to treat me like a human yo-yo until a different group of girls rescued me and I was able to form more genuine bonds.

Looking back, I could easily view this as a victim to mean girls and pity myself, yes?  But then, I’d just be wrapping up my personal power in a pretty little present and handing it over to other people that could care less.  After all, they have their own issues to worry about. When we take on the role of the victim in bad situations, we’re no longer in control of our lives.  This isn’t what the Universe wants for you.  

When you were born, you were immediately worthy of every good, amazing, joyous experience you could ever dream up.  You were automatically whole and complete. It’s through childhood conditioning and pressures of our peers (and a lack of emotional guidance) that we learn we are victims.  

In that same example above, I now choose to look at it through the lens of my personal power.  You know what that situation has taught me? That I am the only person that can define my worth.  I am the only person that can decide if I have a voice or if I matter. This was a lesson my soul desperately wanted me to learn so the Universe GIFTED me with many, many circumstances where my worth and value were undermined by those around me.  It was showing me that I can’t find it in anyone else even though I was (unknowingly) trying to do just that.

When I interpret life’s situations like this, I’m planted firmly back into my personal power.  I’m strong once more. I’m worthy once more. I’m whole again and perfect just as I am. But this can’t be done without first admitting that we are the power holders of our own lives.

Some ways you can begin to make this shift is through the power of affirmations and through rewriting the story like I did in the example above.  I challenge you to practice a few affirmations first thing in the morning, write them in your journal, set a reminder in your phone, put them on a sticky note in places you frequent the most.  This will train your brain to believe your new belief.  There are some affirmations for you to use below or create ones similar to those.

(A hint...a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.)

Personal Power Affirmations:

▽  I am the master of my Universe.

▽  I was born worthy of everything I desire.

▽  I am a made up of the Universe and have the power to create my own reality.

▽  I am whole and perfect just as I am.

▽  Everything that happens to me is a loving gift meant to teach me more about myself.

When those memories come up or if you know of ones in particular that tend to cause you pain, journal about them.  Write about them from the perspective of your personal power, abandoning the victim mindset once and for all.

You are one decision away from redesigning your entire life, if you wish.  It all starts with personal responsibility.

With love,