My Favorite Healing Method: Chakras

Recently, I’ve found myself stuck in my depression pretty intensely.  It sort of snuck up on me this time but I’ve found my way out, thankfully!  In fact, I’ve come back with a bang, if I do say so myself. I want to share the one tool that has helped me heal from my depression (this time and times before), heal an irrational fear I have, and take inspired action toward my dreams!  That healing method involves the Chakras!

The Chakras are these wonderful energy centers that we all have inside of us.  There are 7 primary ones and these are the ones that I focus on. It’s incredible how much they can explain in terms of illnesses or issues we suffer from.  For instance, I just watched an amazing training from the Chakra Girl (She’s fantastic and I’m excited to work with her.  I just decided to join one of her amazing programs!) where she said, “You’re not lazy, your chakra is just blocked.”  Can you imagine how much relief that gave me???

Who else here has always thought themselves to be LAZY AF?  I know I’ve always claimed that title and owned it...not proudly or anything.

The Chakras have intrigued me since I began my spiritual journey but only recently have I been feeling how powerful it is to actually work with them.  In fact, I have a feeling they’ll be a big part of my business going forward. Let’s dive into some of the most notable ways working with my Chakras have helped me.


Why the Chakras are my FAVORITE healing method:

▽  My irrational fear of break-ins.

I have suffered from this paranoia since I was a child.  I’m not 100% sure where it came from. It probably goes back as far as my early childhood when I still lived with my alcoholic mother.  I’m pretty sure she had men coming in and out all hours of the night. But we don’t need to go down memory lane right now. This fear used to cripple me.  Just a few years ago (and still sometimes but not as extreme), I would run from window to window, making sure no one was trying to get in. I was usually fine if I wasn’t alone but as soon as I was...oh lord.

This has gone on for as long as I can remember.  I just never felt safe. It let up once when I was heavy in religion.  I sort of prayed it away (no kidding) but it eventually came back just less crippling.  Anyway, fast forward to today, I still deal with this fear. BUT, the greatest relief I have found comes only after I focus on my ROOT CHAKRA.

The root is our safety and security (in a nutshell).  There’s more to this but this is the way it applies to my healing.  I’ll tell you in a few minutes HOW I clear that Chakra - it’s so fucking easy.

▽  My depression.

Depression is one hell of a fucker.  Am I right??? I’m still trying to understand what it’s trying to tell me.  I believe that our illnesses are simply manifestations of deeper wounds that could maybe go as far as generations back.  But that’s just my take on it. I catch myself (usually after I’m too deep) stuck in my depression after I’ve taken enough days off of meditating or spent enough time slacking.  Unfortunately, once you’re that deep in it, the idea of doing anything about it just seems pointless because everything gets to be so bland. Life goes from a rainbow of joy to black and white blehhhh.  It’s painful...especially for this crab (Cancer) that heals from working with and understanding my emotions. But once I get to a point, or if I catch myself in time, when I’m ready to start moving again, my Chakras are a sure-fire way to living in color again.

I discovered this the last time I fell into a waking slumber and was so relieved that it worked so well.  Now, at the time of writing this, I’m about a week + into working on my Chakras again and I feel fucking alive!

▽  Inspired action.

Remember how I mentioned the Chakra Girl saying that the laziness is a blocked Chakra?  Yeah, that’s no joke. This is a little bit trickier for me because I feel like this has been such an issue for so long that it will take continuous effort, but I can feel the difference.  She mentioned the SOLAR PLEXUS being responsible for this madness! So, I’ve been focusing a lot of effort on that Chakra and it makes one hell of a difference. That voice inside of my head that tells me it’s totally fine to binge watch Friends on Netflix instead of write on the blog has a lot less power.  I can talk myself into making better choices a lot more when I work on this more often than not.  In fact, I can even negotiate better with myself. Now, it’s like a few episodes of Friends and then writing.  Boom. Compromise. Eventually, Friends won’t have a leg to stand on because my Solar Plexus will be so damn clear.

Some of the inspired action I’ve felt bold enough to take is manifesting money to invest in the Chakra Girl Business School.  What I had to do was really scary for me but it all worked out.  I was so stuck on not taking action that I almost missed the opportunity.  But thanks to focused healing, I was able to move forward.

▽  Health and wellbeing.

When I’m working on my Chakras, I’m more inclined to go run and do yoga.  I want to eat better. I want to get up early and work on my mindset. I feel empowered!  

How I heal my Chakras every morning:

▽  Guided meditations.

I use guided meditations from Insight Timer on my phone.  If you don’t use it, I highly recommend it!  It’s FREE but they offer some cool paid features.  This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ONE!!! It healed me in so many ways.

▽  Visualization.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing a 15 minute meditation, I’ll simplify it.  This is great for a spot check throughout the day too. I’ll lay or sit in bed and simply see the colors in my mind, starting with the root.  I’ll breathe into each one until I get to the crown. It’s helped me jumpstart my morning numerous times.

You can also do this with one specific Chakra, which I do for my root when I’m feeling that paranoia.  In fact, I was super surprised one night when I didn’t feel it in the slightest bit. I almost went to check the windows out of habit until I was like...but wait, I’m not feeling scared.  It was so amazing!

▽  Visualization + Crystals.

Lately, I’ve been using a yellow Citrine crystal to heal my solar plexus.  I’ll lay down, whisper my intention into the crystal, place it below my breast bone (where the SP is located), and then visualize the color yellow like the morning sun.  Sometimes, I can feel it waking up inside of me. You can do this with any of the Chakras. If there’s one in particular you need work on, just google crystal ideas and bam, you’re good.

For those that aren’t super familiar with what the hell I’m talking about, here’s an image to give you a quick rundown about the Chakras.  If you click the photo, it will take you to an article called, A Beginner’s Guide to the Chakras.

Take what resonates here and leave what doesn’t.  Share in the comments which Chakra you’re struggling with or any experience you have with them.  

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With love,

Hanna - The Rebel Healer