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Stop faking it until you make it – there’s a better way!

Would we have the same results in our lives if we stopped ‘faking it’ and instead honored where we are? How many more people would we inspire if we showed up with the genuine energy of ‘I’m learning’? We forget that each one of us started somewhere. We don’t wake up with all of our problems solved or with all of the success in the world. Everyone started with some sort of rejection or setback. Or maybe even a bad idea. Or low confidence.

But that’s not shown nearly as much as it should be. We should be taking those low points or setbacks or ‘failures’ and finding their light and sharing that with the world on top of our creations.  

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I want to talk about a better way we can do this.  A way that we can inspire others while not forcing ourselves into a corner and choking our authenticity.

Because as someone that is venturing into new territory (starting a biz), it’s intimidating to see so many only talking of their success. That’s wonderful; we need to see what’s possible but we need to see what it was like too. We need to not feel alone in our struggle.

Maybe you’re like me…just starting out in the biz world.  Feeling overwhelmed by strategies, ideas, competition, etc. It’s such a daunting place to be.  Everyone seems to have the solution to all of our problems if only we pay them a hefty fee (sometimes this is worth it).  But what I’m not seeing enough of is the mess before the miracle.

The mess is inevitable!  There’s no escaping it!  However, when people talk about the solution they can provide for you, or when they post on social media about their success, we rarely hear about the MESS.  Yes, we may hear about their struggle with (insert problem here) but not about what led them up to stepping out into the world. Not about their knock-downs. I don’t know about you folks but I would feel so empowered to hear one of my mentors tell me how they were terrified of failing.  Or how they launched something x amount of times with no success or how they once started at zero followers on Instagram. Not because I like hearing negative shit. No, that’s not negative. That’s real life.

We’re too busy flashing our success in people’s faces when we should be opening up about how we didn’t always feel like it or how we didn’t always want to do the work or how we went through periods of not believing in ourselves.  We should be talking about how we were there too!  Because for someone that is new to the biz world (your struggle may be different), I am still battling that tendency to compare.  I’m faced with so many success stories that share hardly anything about the rejection. Or I see so many people advocating for ‘fake it ‘til you make it’.  I’m not inspired by fake, though. If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re not either.

There’s a better way!  We don’t have to keep faking anything!  Being fake, to me, starves my soul. I have to express my truth even if it’s ugly, otherwise my light dims and like the crab I am, I retreat into my shell.  My personal strength is in my authenticity.

What is that other way?  It’s called acting as if…

There is a difference between ‘faking it’ and ‘acting/living as if’ in terms of manifestingwhich you’re doing every second of every day, for those that aren’t sure why I brought it up.  I don’t believe faking it is the right approach; it’s ingenuine.  In fact, faking it is bordering on lying, whereas, acting as if is choosing the energy or the feeling of already having what you want.  It doesn’t mean that you’re pretending. You’re creating that feeling through other methods so that you become a vibrational match.

Faking It:

  • Convincing others that you are more successful, happier, healthier, than you actually are.
  • Pretending that there are no obstacles or bumps in the road.
  • Not honoring your present journey.
  • Hiding the reality from the world.

Maybe for some, this is more comfortable.  That’s okay. Everyone has their path. But this isn’t for everyone.  I’m speaking on behalf all the souls that are terrified of failure because it seems like the end all, be all.  But they can’t seem to conform to this concept of living fake.  If we just showed more people what it’s like…the setbacks…the rejections…the failed attempts…right along with the successes, my how we would inspire millions!

Living As If:

  • Being open and accepting of your current challenges or wins.
  • Honoring right where you are and seeing it for the learning opportunity that it is.
  • Choosing, in the present, things that can be done to match the energy of what you want (success, happiness, health, love, etc.)
  • Doing things in a way that honors you instead of trying to fit into a box that someone else decided was the ‘right way’
  • Inspiring others with the lessons (i.e. failures) that you’ve learned.

Living as if you already have what you want is a much more authentic approach when trying to uplevel your life.  Each journey is unique and should be respected. You should respect your own unique path by living authentically.  Not only will you find your happiness so much easier, but you’ll inspire so many along the way.

Successful people to me are superhuman. Obviously they’re not though. They’re just regular people but that doesn’t stop my mind from telling me how super they are vs how super I’m not.  I know that there are so many that can relate to this. So I ask again, what if we talked more about the reality of creating our dreams instead of only about the dream that’s been accomplished? It’s the journey that makes us who we are but we’re not honoring that journey. We’re ‘faking it’ till we make it. That doesn’t cut it for everyone. We’ve entered a time for realness, honesty,  and authenticity. Not hiding behind a mask of what you THINK people want.

Let’s come out of hiding and share our fears with the world along with our hope. Stop being a superhuman and show them how real you really are.  That is what inspires us.

What do you think?

With love,





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