Understand self-love to manifest your dream life! Plus a free guidebook on how to become a master manifestor. Law of attraction.

Understand self-love to manifest your dream life!

SELF-LOVE has many layers.  I have come to believe, over the past year +, that self-love is the most important piece of the manifesting puzzle.  We constantly talk about how important it is to be grateful (because it is 100% necessary) but not how equally important it is to love yourself.  While gratitude can cure your lack mindset and bring you to a high-vibe space of receiving, self-love rounds you out and takes you to the next level.

When you love yourself, you can’t help but love others!  You are more accepting and understanding of those around you because you love yourself enough to accept and understand yourself.  Self-love elevates you in a way that heals your self-worth issues, your lack of confidence, your lack of self-respect.  To live in self-love is to blossom into your truest, most authentic self.

I want to help you understand self-love and why it’s so important to manifesting.  There are three main points I want to make about what it really means to love yourself.

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Acceptance frees us from the shackles of ignorant control.  It allows us to breathe where we were holding our breath in worry.  To accept is to ground yourself in a state of serenity. Does what your accepting always have to be something you like?  No. But by accepting it, you’re acknowledging that there’s a greater wisdom at work in your life. You’re seeing that there is a purpose to whatever mess or discomfort you’re in.  There is freedom in this that must be experienced to be understood.

A practical way to approach this is like this:  Today, I accept that yesterday I didn’t do my best.  But today, I’m choosing differently.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you give up and sit still.  It means that you release the struggle of wrestling with what’s already unfolding and instead shift your focus on what you have the power to control in that moment.  It could be accepting that you weigh xxx lbs even though you want to be smaller.  Instead of beating yourself up over how much weight you’ve gained, decide to make changes that will take you to your goal.  This leads me to point two.


Another element of self-love is choosing what’s best for you vs. what satisfies you in the moment.  I struggle with this like woah. Especially when it comes to food or procrastinating. But all we really have to do is ask ourselves, “Is what I’m about to do going to bring me closer or further away from my dreams?”  Then, choose the step that takes you closer.  By making that empowering decision, you’re choosing self-love.  You love yourself enough to make a better decision.


Self-love requires listening to yourself.  It means turning your ear inward and really feeling out what’s going on.  If your dream includes reaching a specific weight but suddenly you’re craving something processed and sweet, ask yourself why.  Are you craving that because you’re feeling overwhelmed and you want something to bring you comfort?  Or are you craving that because you’re hungry and you know that it’s available to you? Try to understand WHY?  Is that craving or desire coming from a place of self-sabotage and fear or is it your body’s way of understanding that you need some healing?

Maybe if you’re feeling a bit emotional and find yourself craving those chocolate chips in the fridge, instead of giving in, feel those emotions.  Cry if you need to. Journal about it. Whatever you need to do to work through the healing that’s trying to take place. Our soul’s communicate with us through our emotions but sometimes the ego filters that and it comes out skewed.  What may have said, “I really need to release this fear of xyz,” may come out through the ego as, “I’m feeling sad and I don’t like it. Chocolate always helps.”

Love yourself enough to really listen to the voice within you.  Even though something may not feel good, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Self-love allows you to understand without judgement.

I have an amazing free tool that can help get you into the action of self-love.  By choosing to heal ourselves, we’re choosing to love ourselves. My free guidebook, 4 Steps to Becoming a #MasterManifestor, shows you how to heal yourself so that you can be a magnet to your manifestations.  It includes short teachings and workbooks to go along with each step. Grab your free copy here or click the image below.

I leave you with this:  What is one thing you can do or maybe stop doing to bring you into a state of feel-good self-love?


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