Why finding happiness right where you are is vital to manifesting your dreams. Plus a free guidebook!

Why finding happiness right where you are is vital to manifesting your dreams

You probably know by now that like attracts like when it comes to manifesting or working with the law of attraction.  So it’s obvious then that if you want to manifest happiness, joy, success, etc., you need to FEEL those things first.  It is absolutely essential!

It can be hard to do that though, especially if you aren’t in the most ideal situation.  Take me for example. I’m currently at the lowest point I’ve been in a few years, financially.  The relationships around me have crumbled to the point of being nonexistent. In other words, I have a lot of reasons to be all ‘woe is me’.

And believe me, I do have my moments.  Sometimes those moments can last a week.  I recently went through my longest downward spiral.  It’s been about two weeks+ of allowing myself to be distracted from what’s important.  It happens, folks, but there’s no reason to beat ourselves up.

There are better ways to handle these frustrating setbacks and find happiness in your current reality.  Because, again, your future depends on it. If you’re serious about changing your life and grabbing ahold of that ‘more’ that got you curious in the first place…you know that moment when you realized that there’s gotta be more to life than this (whatever this is)…then it’s time you find your happiness right where you are.

By the way…I have an amazing tool for you that can show you what it really takes to be a master manifestor.  It will walk you through the 4 essential steps.

How to claim happiness right now:

  1. See the beauty in your current situation.
    • There is a lesson in each setback or downfall or failure.  There’s a treasure in everything. It’s your job to see it.  My recent setback showed me how to be brave and take my own unique path.  It opened me up to what I truly enjoy. Now I’m making the changes that align with that.
  2. Remember how fleeting life truly is.
    • How will you spend today knowing that you could die tomorrow?  This may sound dark and heavy but everyone dies. Some sooner than others.  The reality is that we could easily not wake up tomorrow. Do you still have time to pick a fight with your spouse over the dishes or would you rather love them like there was no tomorrow?  Do you spend your last day slaving away at a job that you hate? If not, then what steps can you take to start turning things around?
  3. Make time for things that bring you joy.
    • What makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?  Do more of that until you can build your life around it.  I rediscovered my love of writing, reading, and I realized how much I love yoga.  Figure these things out by how you feel when thinking of certain things. Or how you feel when you do certain things.  Or how you feel when you see or hear certain things. This doesn’t mean there won’t be discomfort or a struggle when showing up to do these things.  But there’s a difference between disliking something and being out of alignment and being uncomfortable just starting out. This is where you have to listen beyond the surface level of your ego and see what your soul is saying.  
  4. Practice gratitude.
    • This, always and forever, can take your life from dark and gloomy to brilliant and full of life.  Gratitude is the simplest tool you can use to make big, lasting change. Just remember to be genuine.

If you’re ready to take this deeper and really learn how to live in alignment when your desires, grab this free guide that will walk you through the 4 steps to become a master manifestor.  It comes with workbooks to get you into action that will help you uncover your happiness and learn how to manifest.


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